Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Photo Update 8.8.12

 Aunt Molly's heirloom ground cherries--2 pounds worth. They are really starting to produce now, which is a great way to tide us over until we start getting tomatoes!

 Last weekend we were working on the packing shed a lot! The cooler structure is officially DONE now, which is a great, great feeling. We just need to install the CoolBot device and throw a coat of paint on the walls. The CoolBot is installed into the AC unit to help us get the cooler temperatures we need.

 Thanks to John's folks for coming out and helping paint & build the cooler! We got one coat of paint on the outside of the packing shed as well.

 Mammoth Red Rock heirloom cabbage.

Our three varieties of cucumbers we are growing this season: Suyo Long, Double Yield (regular green slicer, pickler), & Poona Kheera (whiteish-yellow, turning brown when sweetest, good fresh slicer).

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