Monday, May 6, 2013

Photo Update 5.6.13

Woot! So much planting. So many veggies put in the ground. It's great to finally have the farming season started and off to a good pace. Now the field holds rhubarb, asparagus, onions, shallots, potatoes, beets, kohlrabi, lettuce, spinach and peas! The broccoli, cabbage and celery is sitting on the sidelines to be planted tomorrow.

Dark Red Nordlund ready for planting.
The potatoes had had quite the adventure this year. The Friday they were supposed to be delivered we had that snowstorm, so they spent the weekend in the post office. Then they were held up in the basement as we waited to get in the field, so we inadvertently "chitted" them this year! Storing them in a warmer location, in the dark allowed them to wake up, so to speak, and they began sprouting. We were very happy to get them in the ground--finally.

John filling the first trench.
Trenches are dug for potatoes, about 6 inches deep. This year we placed a little straw in the bottoms of the trenches, then the seed potatoes, then just cover them with soil. Now the 80 pounds of potatoes are planted, and the dreaded trenching--300 feet this year--is complete!

Pigs loving the spring grass!
The pigs pen was expanded again. They do not hesitate to (literally) dig into that new grass! Actually, they look around and dig the dandelions first. Next we will move the entire pen to a new area.

Lilac ready to leaf out, and mason bee houses.
 The mason bee houses are hung up and ready to welcome our little friends. I can't wait for that lilac to begin blooming--ahhh the smells of spring!
Brooke seeding beets.
This year we purchased a direct seeder. Boy it makes quick work of planting a row!! We planted beets and kohlrabi with it yesterday and it worked like a charm. Very excited to have that this year--thank you members for helping us make these needed investments!

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