Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Photo Update 5.15.13

What a windy and hot day yesterday! All the sweet corn was planted and the first variety of beans is now planted too. Lettuce, spinach, beets, kohlrabi and peas are all germinating and things are coming along nicely. Tonight we have our Preseason Member Meeting--we are so excited to get together and meet some of our new members. This also means the start of the season is not that far away!

King Richard leeks
The leeks transplants came in the mail--this is how they arrived. Then just poke, poke, poke--500 leeks in the ground. They are planted in a shallow trench, so we may "blanch" them as they grow--this increases the size of the white, usable portion.

Tomatoes! Looking full and vigorous they are now being potted up from blocks to individual containers--their last step before going into the ground.

The last squash seeds and planted and getting ready to germinate. Large seeds go right into the 2" soil blocks, and then right into the ground.

All varieties of peas are now germinating! We are growing Snap, snow and shell this year. In these pictures you can see that our drip irrigation is now set up, which was essential in that heat yesterday, and is much more efficient than overhead irrigation.

Rhubarb bed
The rhubarb, in it's first full season, got a little TLC the other day--a nice feeding of compost and a new dressing of mulch.

Strawberry beds
At our perennial end of the field we have our rhubarb and asparagus (also in it's first full season), to which we have just added a nice big strawberry bed (109 plants). We received the bare-root plants in the mail and planted them this weekend. We are looking forward to our heirloom "Sparkle" strawberries next year!

Every year we try new things! This year one of those items is Blue Jade heirloom sweet corn--it's really blue! We are also trying a new tomato, a couple new cucumbers and some new beans and peas.

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