Tuesday, July 1, 2014

CSA Week #3

Golden and Fordhook Giant chard bunches.
The first Swiss chard harvest of the season brought some beautiful color to the boxes.

Bunching onions, spring red onions, spring shallots.
 Allium harvest for CSA and Farm Shares. Bunching onions for Judy, spring red onions and spring shallots.

Packing CSA boxes.
 Packing the boxes for delivery.

CSa Box Week #3 • June 30th & July 2, 2014
In the boxes this week: basil, spring red onions, spring shallots, 1 quart snow peas, 1 pint snap peas, Red Russian or Dinosaur kale, garlic scapes, Swiss chard bunch, sprigs of dill and mixed heirloom radishes.

Herb booster bunches.
 Our Herb Booster customers received bunches of chives, mint, thyme and basil.

Week #3 CSA box, 2014.
That's Week #3 and Wednesday customers are up next!

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