Monday, August 10, 2015

Are you ready for apples?

Apple season is beginning! Are you excited about fresh, local, organic fruit?!? We are ;)

Our apple season had a brief show in mid-July, with our early Lodi apple. This small, tart, green apple makes a showing every other year. This year all our Lodi went into CSA boxes, giving our members a little teaser of the season ahead.

Here are a few shots from our Lodi harvest.

When we start to harvest a tree I begin by picking those I can reach from the ground and John heads up the ladder. Then I use a ladder, or climb into the tree, as needed, to keep picking.

We have an upgrade this year!!! You'll see in the picture below we have upgraded to actual apple picking bags. This is a splendid comfort, after several years with our homemade picking bags.

Beneficial insect in the orchard.

A panorama view in the orchard.

Lodi apples headed for CSA boxes in July.

What's next? Beacon and State Fair are coming up!!

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