Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photo Update 5.1-2

TUESDAY:  Busy week on the farm!  Seeds need to be started inside for some tender crops--melons, cucumbers--and some flowers for companion planting.  Many transplants are waiting to get planted out--once we get past the rainy weather, and predicted high winds the next couple days.

Peas! If you look close there are radishes growing between
the stakes--they are companions with peas.

Potato trench--this will get filled in some as the plants grow.
The plants get mounded to promote good production and shield
the tubers from the sun.
Hazel, enjoying the sun.
Two varieties of potatoes are in the groud--John is a trenching machine!  The All Blue variety is last to be planted this week...when it dries up...

Wheat and oats are coming up in the field, and we're watching for the alfalfa and red clover.

Potato onions growing in the herb garden--I am excited to try these little guys.
Someone was nice enough to give us a little cluster!

WEDNESDAY:  This rain was crazy tonight!  Definitely over 2 inches poured down, with some hail 1/4"-1/2".  The rows are looking muddy in the field!  Seeds that are germinating will hopefully be happy.  We can't see any apparent damage out there, so that is good!

This morning--a beautiful foggy morning, the field
was already a little moist.

This evening, after the 2+ inches of rain--looking pretty wet!
The cans were put out just to protect the little transplants from the hail.
The cans do a great job protecting the little plants from wind, and help to
keep the soil a little cool and moist while they are establishing.
A view of the field this morning.


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