Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tomatoes and Rain

Today was a tomato day.  I was speed farming this morning, attempting to get tomatoes in before the supposed rain, which was  mere trickle.  But this evening, well we're getting some good rain now!  All the tomatoes and the ground cherries are in the ground and loving the moisture.

John planting tomatoes.

Some happy tomatoes in cans (for wind protection and mini
climate control while establishing).
We were able to get all the tomatoes in just in time for the storm to blow in and send us chasing after a couple pots and cans, but all is well.

A pretty little ground cherry transplant (in a 2"
block) with a healthy root system.  See the little flower?!

The clouds were crazy on the front that came through, so, we sat and enjoyed a nice Schell's dark and watched the clouds, sorry I didn't get a pic!  I didn't want to run back through the pouring rain for the camera :)

Now, we are getting some great moisture that we have been waiting for.  This will be great for all the transplants and everything in the field.  The potatoes are mounded up and looking happy, snap bean are really growing, and the second flush of peas are coming in strong!  Stay dry!

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