Thursday, May 10, 2012

Photo Update 5.10 ~ Transplants!

Downstairs, under the growing lights and on the heating blanket we are maxed to the gills with transplants!  We made room by removing the tomatoes, which are all potted up and beginning to get hardened off; the broccoli is beginning it's transition outside too!  Now there's room for cucumbers and melons and squashes down there!!

A menagerie of seeds starting--more cabbage, chard, kale, lettuce,
spinach.  Each tucked in their own little 3/4" block of yummy organic soil & peat.

The pepper are growing great!

Broccoli, which is now living outside/garage getting hardened off--one
of the most laid back, easy transplants this year I would say.

Pesto anyone?  The basil is abundant and coming along nicely!

Aunt Molly's ground cherry--I just think these little guys are cute!

A gorgeous tomato getting ready to be potted up.

Potting up the tomatoes--getting a little boost before transplanting outside.

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