Thursday, July 31, 2014

Farm Photo Update

From the field and barnyard - every corner is filled with life and activity these summer days!

Getting a piglets-eye-view...

Summer days...

A mom and her daughter, Lilly and Dafney.

On hot days these wallows look kind of nice!

Meet Banshee, she earned her name. She is an Americauna.

Two of our Speckled Sussex pullets.

One of our Columbian Wyandotte pullets. Hopefully one is a rooster!

Weaning has begun. This is the piglets haven.

They are doing good! Eating and drinking well.

And the mommas lush pasture, on the other end of the farm.

To the field! I we have started spotting little melons on the vines - a little behind from this spring, but doing well. There are acorn and butternut squash in abundance as well!

Young acorn squash.
Young butternut squash.
 We have been trialing white/yellow cucumbers for the last three years and feel like we have found a keeper! This is a tasty Holland White - one of our CSA members said it was the best cucumber they have ever had!

First ground cherry harvest today! These should make it to market in the next two weeks, after CSA boxes have received some.

Tasty treats. Highly addictive...

A peak at fall - Brussels sprouts.

August is peak season for tomatoes! Ready to taste the rainbow?!

Cherry tomatoes...

The forest of tomatoes. Sometimes harvest entails some crawling.

The beauty of the garden is all around.

A young zucchini.

This springs grafted apple trees - awesome!

Bean season has begun!

Rattlesnake pole bean.

Borage, for the bees.

Rain and a rainbow all around, but somehow it missed us. We did enjoy the beautiful skies.

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